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AntiPolythene Campaign Season-1 concluded in style

_MG_7935The #SayNoToPoltheneBag Campaign season-1 was concluded in style by the Faridabad Action Group. For pics to this grand event you may click here

During the course of this highest ever engaging Campaign in Faridabad which ran for 3 months from November 2015 to 22nd of Jan 2016 spanning the length and breadth of Faridabad, 32 schools were initially contacted and 24 schools participated engaging a total of about 25000 students and thru them almost about 3 lac people were contacted. Almost 25000 pledges were collected from the General Public. The season-1 of this Campaign was finally concluded at the HUDA Convention Centre in Sec-12, Faridabad at an event titled ‘Singhams of Faridabad’.

In the street play section 6 finalists were chosen and Gita Convent School, Sec-16 won the title of Singhams in the Streetplay section while AVN Sr. Sec. School, Sec-19 and Apeejay School, Sec-15 won the 2nd and 3rd Prizes respectively.

Ritika Rawat of St. Peter’s School, Daulatabad won the 1st Prize for the highest number of pledges collected from the general public and Bhawna Rawat won the 1st prize for the best slogan.

While K L Mehta Dayanand School, Sec-16, won the highest percentage participation award, St. John’s School, Sec-7 won the top prize for the highest number of pledges collected from the general public by any school. Rawal International School, Nangla won the prize for the most creative presentation and Apeejay School, Sec-15 won the top prize for the most organized presentation.

This event co-sponsored by Indian Oil R&D Division, Faridabad had as its Chief Guest, the Divisional Commissioner Dr. D. Suresh. The other Distinguished Guests to the event included the Deputy Commissioner Mr Chander Shekhar and Dr SSV Ramakumar, General Manager, Refining Technologies, Indian Oil R & D Division, Faridabad. Dr Ramakumar was accompanied by Mrs Mary Joseph (Manager Corporate Communications, Indian Oil R&D Division).

Denson Joseph, the President of Faridabad Action Group in his short speech said the idea behind this exercise was actually to wake people and the administration up besides to drive in the message that it is important to be socially alive and how thru positive engagement we could bring in the desired change to strengthen this democracy. To emphasize the spirit that drives the members of Faridabad Action Group he concluded his speech with the song…. ‘ e mere pyare watan… e mere bichde chaman… tujh pe dil qurbaan….’

The Chief Guest to the event Dr D. Suresh in his emphatic address began by admitting that the Administration has indeed failed to deliver on many counts and he explained why these failures have been happening. He stressed the need to rise above Caste, Creed and Regional divide if Prime Minister’s development agenda was to be achieved. He also stressed on the need for expert NGOs to focus on one subject and go intensively into it. He urged the Deputy Commissioner, Faridabad to adopt the PPP model to make Faridabad a smart city for which expert organizations like Faridabad Action Group may be strategically engaged.

The event was compered by Dr Manoj Rai Mehta and Mrs Pooja Gupta. The arrangements at the venue was managed by Mrs Shivani Rajpal, Mr Susheel Verma, Mr Balwinder Singh, Varun Sheokand, Adv Deepak Verma and Adv Pratush Sharma. The NSS Team from Govt. Boys Sr. Sec. School, Old Faridabad under the leadership of Sh Ravinder Manchanda managed and the very able girls being groomed by Sakhi Sangh managed the seating within the hall. Overall hall incharge was Sh A K Gaur (the campaign lead). Prize distribution was coordinated by Ashutosh Anand and Mrs Pinki Brar.

Varun Sheokand was bestowed with the title of Singham for exemplary activism in Faridabad.

Important persons at the meeting were Sh P B Lall (Patron- F.A.G.), Sh Manohar Puniani (President – MWA, Sec-15), Sh Anand Mehta (Eminent Educationist & Gen. Secretary- RWA, Sec-15) besides Principals and Coordinators from various schools.

The NGOs who came to support the event included Sneh Foundation, Mission Jagriti, Child Welfare Trust, Save Aravali, Sakhi Sangh, Able Charities. The Event also saw the District Bar Association being represented by its President Adv. Surinder Dutt Sharma & Secretary Rajeev Baisla. Even the RWAs and Market Welfare Associations were present in large numbers.

The Audience was enthralled by Bollywood’s celebrated Asst. Choreographer MJ Chanchal performing live at the event.


The Anti-Polythene Inter-School Contest in Faridabad

LogoFriends, Faridabad Action Group is pleased to announce a unique contest for school-going children in Faridabad such that children of our district can, not only win prizes but in doing so get an opportunity to improve the world around them and help make it safer for them to live in. Besides it will be a novel way of getting them to contribute towards the mission of getting Faridabad counted or considered among the first 20 to be developed into a SMART CITY.

Polythene Bags have become one of the biggest environmental hazards for the future of our children and through this contest every participant child shall don the mantle of being the Brand Ambassador for the #AntiPolytheneschool childrenCampaign which is now very popular across the globe.

The name of the winners will also be tweeted to our Haryana CM Sh M L Khattar & our PM Sh. Narendra Modi ji with a tagline that we are proud of these changemakers whose contribution to make Faridabad a SMART CITY are worth a consideration.

About the Contest:
A. Children of classes 6th to the 8th of all schools are required to participate in the OPEN /JUNIOR CATEGORY wherein the contest requires each participant to just do 2 things:

1.Collect a individually handwritten Pledge from as many people as possible pledging as follows:

“In the name of my child I pledge that I will not take or give anything to anyone in a polythene bag and I will carry my own paper, cloth or Jute Bag to the market to buy my stuff from today onwards”.

Please note:

a)At the bottom of the pledge the person must indicate his/her  name, address, phone no and email (if any)

b)The child needs to pack all the pledges in an envelope of a suitable size and on the back of the envelope… write a slogan….

  1. The single line slogan will say… ‘I support the #AntiPolytheneCampaign b’coz …………………’


a.Each pledge should carry the name of the person pledging, his business/work and his phone number & email id (if any).

b.All these pledges should be put in an envelope and sent (by post or in person) to our address:

Faridabad Action Group, H.NO. 1166, Sector-15, Faridabad – 121007 …. OR

SUBMIT IT WITH THE SCHOOL COORDINATOR who can then send it all together IN A CARTON to our office address above.

c.DO NOT FORGET – At the back of the envelope please remember to inscribe the following:

  1. i) total number of pledges inside

ii)your email and twitter id (if any)

iii)your full name and contact number (no landline only mobile numbers please)

iv)the slogan

Result Criteria (Junior category):

1.The top 25 children with the best slogans will be rewarded with a nomination to attend the award ceremony with their parents, a certificate, a momento and considered for selection into first 3 ranks. These 25 children will then be graded by our panel according to the number and quality of pledges collected by each from residents in the neighbourhood, shopkeepers in the area/nearby market, family & friends. Anything that is innovative in this initiative will be rewarded.

2.The top 3 thus selected will be awarded in the school category as a certificate, a momento  and conferred the title ‘Singhams of Faridabad’ (Cash prizes for the first three are also being considered)

3.There is an Award in this category for the School (Coordinator) fielding the highest percentage of children from their school.


B. The second is the SENIOR CATEGORY also called the INTER-SCHOOL CATEGORY.

The contest in this category is a street-play (Nukkad-Natak) competition wherein each school has to prepare a street-play (not more than 10mins.) on the Anti-polythene theme (i.e. why plastic bags are hazardous to both us and our environment, what needs to be done urgently to save the environment, what is the responsibility of the citizen, what excuses are offered by the citizen or shopkeepers, why these excuses are pointless, what the administration needs to do about it ).

1.The participating school has to field a team comprising of not more than 20 students (and not less than 8) students from classes 9th & 10th.

  1. Once the school is ready with the Play, the school committee/management has to call us and inform us about their preparedness.
  1. The Play has then to be presented before the whole school at the time of the assembly in our presence, the same has to be recorded and a copy of the video has to be given to us on a pendrive for purposes of a fair judging on a level platform.

Result Criteria (senior category):

(i) The top 5 teams will be rewarded with a nomination to attend the award ceremony with their parents, a certificate, a momento and considered for selection into first 3 ranks

(ii) Our team of judges after a thru scrutiny of the video of all the street plays will choose the top 3 school teams from among the five nominated teams and the teams thus selected will not only be awarded in the inter-school category as the ‘Singhams of Faridabad – 2015‘ besides individual certificates and momentos.

(iii) The top two teams will get an opportunity to display their award winning street play before the invitees to the award ceremony and

(iv) The school Principal will also receive a trophy on behalf of the school.

For any further queries on this please free to call us at : 8882010002

Awards will be distributed in a grand programme titled ‘Singhams of Faridabad’ to be announced soon.


Ample SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES exist for reputed Corporate Brands and Companies

                          For any further queries please feel free to call us on 888-201-0002


Please Note: Faridabad Action Group reserves the right to bring about any change in the format or date of the programme as a whole with or without notice.

Potholes, criminal negligence and the Road Safety Bill

“Many a times vehicles being driven even at a reasonable speed while negotiating a pothole or a bad stretch of road lose balance and cause accident, grievous hurt or loss of life. Yet the proposed draft on Road Safety Bill does not propose the punishment of municipal officers responsible for the ill-maintained road”

The experiences of many road accident victims and the examination of many a cases has exposed the following facts:-


POTHOLES exist because of criminal negligence

POTHOLES exist because of criminal negligence

(b) That Often the POLICE MANIPULATE THE FIR & SOMETIMES BLACKMAIL THE VICTIM such that the facts that come out before the world are quite different from the actual ground reality
(c) 3yr old Pavitra’s case OFFERS AN OPPORTUNITY TO EXPOSE LIVE ON AIR how the police insensitively work against the victims of road accident
(d) This debate will further BRING OUT THE RELUCTANCE OF THE POLICE IN PROSECUTING negligent officers both because of lack of WILL & knowledge

(e) That the CM WINDOW operating atleast in Faridabad is AS A JOKE on the common man
(f) That there is an urgent need to expand and elaborate Section 316 of the proposed draft where punishments should be clearly specified for various types of negligence be it of the municipal / highway engineers for non maintenance or traffic cops for not barricading unusable stretches


1)Following Manoj’s case as a NGO, we examined the draft of the Road Safety Bill and were shocked to find that the proposed draft has missed one of the most important points and that is to prescribe punishment for Engineers or Officers of the Municipal Agency responsible to maintain the roads in good condition and keep it POTHOLE FREE.

2)Many a times vehicles being driven even at a reasonable speed while negotiating a pothole or a bad stretch of road lose balance and cause accident, grievous hurt or loss of life. In such cases too in our country instead of punishing the officers responsible for the ill-maintained road, it is often the Vehicle driver who gets punished for negligence.

3)Here’s the link to 3yr old Pavitra’s unfortunate story about how this angel lost his life because of a pothole on the National Highway at Batamod, Faridabad.

4)The progress of the campaign #Justice4Pavitra is available on our page JNSS.IN

5)Our campaign #Justice4Pavitra shared the story over the social media, got the public to send dozens of mailers to the Commissioner of Police, Faridabad, interacted with the Police at the highest level in the district, was aired on radio manav rachna 107.8, offered case studies & legal advice to the Police, organized a very successful CANDLE MARCH and is now backed by most NGOs in Faridabad.

The proposed road ahead:                                                                                                                    Considering the fact that the roads that we or our dear ones travel on for work, play or study ought to be made safer, we have decided to do the following:                                               1.Organize an early debate or discussion on anyone of the leading TV channels to expose the shortcomings that particularly surfaced in Pavitra’s case                                                                 2.Approach as many Members of Parliament through one to one meetings, letters, social media and through various discussion forums to get them to ensure that the road safety bill is tabled at the earliest as also the provisions of Section 316 are elaborated as already suggested           3.To bring together as many road accident victims as possible to share and understand the challenges they faced in their respective cases and to incorporate (if possible) the resolutions suggested in the proposed road safety bill                                                                                             4.To form a dedicated community (if possible) that would not only understand how the proposed law translates in spirit and practice but also ensures its effective implementation

Whether you are a road accident victim awaiting justice or you want to support this initiative to ensure safer roads for yourself and your dear ones, we invite you to call us at 888-201-0002 or write to us

A Needle May Save The Life of a Stroke Patient

Keep a syringe or needle in your home to do this… It’s amazing and
an unconventional way of recovering from stroke, read it through it
can help somebody one day.
This is amazing. Please keep this very handy. Excellent tips. Do take
a minute to read this. You’ll never know, one’s life may depend on
My father was paralyzed and later died from the result of a stroke. I
wish I knew about this first aid before. When stroke strikes, the
capillaries in the brain will gradually burst.” (Irene Liu)
When a stroke occurs, stay calm. No matter where the victim is, do not
move him/her. Because, if moved, the capillaries will burst. Help the
victim to sit up where he/she is to prevent him/her from falling over
again and then the bloodletting can begin. If you have in your home an
injection syringe that would be the best.
Otherwise, a sewing needle or a straight pin will do.
1. Place the needle/pin over fire to sterilize it and then use it to
prick the tip of all 10 fingers.
2. There are no specific acupuncture points, just prick about an mm
from the fingernail.
3. Prick till blood comes out.
4. If blood does not start to drip, then squeeze with your fingers.
5. When all 10 digits is bleeding, wait a few minutes then the victim
will regain consciousness.
6. If the victim’s mouth is crooked, then pull on his ears until they are red.
7. Then prick each earlobe twice until two drops of blood comes from
each earlobe. After a few minutes the victim should regain
Wait till the victim regain his normal state without any abnormal
symptoms then take him to the hospital. Otherwise, if he was taken in
the ambulance in a hurry to the hospital, the bumpy trip will cause
all the capillaries in his brain to burst. If he could save his life,
barely managing to walk, then it is by the grace of his ancestors.

“I learned about letting blood to save life from Chinese traditional
doctor, Ha Bu Ting, who lives in Sun Juke. Furthermore, I had
practical experience with it. Therefore, I can say this method is 100%
effective. In 1979, I was teaching in Fung Gaap College in Tai Chung.
One afternoon, I was teaching a class when another teacher came
running to my classroom and said in panting, “Ms Liu, come quick, our
supervisor has had a stroke!”

I immediately went to the 3rd floor. When I saw our supervisor, Mr.
Chen Fu Tien, his color was off, his speech was slurred, his mouth was
crooked – all the symptoms of a stroke. I immediately asked one of the
practicum students to go to the pharmacy outside the school to buy a
syringe, which I used to prick Mr. Chen’s 10 fingers tips. When all 10
fingers were bleeding (each with a pea sized drop of blood), after a
few minutes, Mr. Chen’s face regained its color and his eyes’ spirit
returned, too.

But his mouth was still crooked. So I pulled on his
ears to fill them with blood. When his ears became red, I pricked his
right earlobe twice to let out two drops of blood. When both earlobes
had two drops of blood each, a miracle happened. Within 3-5 minutes
the shape of his mouth returned to normal and his speech became clear.

We let him rest for a while and have a cup of hot tea, then we helped
him go down the stairs, drove him to Wei Wah Hospital. He rested
one night and was released the next day to return to school to teach.
Everything worked normally. There were no ill after effects. On the
other hand, the usual stroke victim usually suffers irreparable
bursting of the brain capillaries on the way to the hospital. As a
result, these victims never recover.” (Irene Liu)

Therefore, stroke is the second cause of death. The lucky ones will
stay alive but can remain paralyzed for life. It is such a horrible
thing to happen in one’s life. If we can all remember this
bloodletting method and start the life saving process immediately, in
a short time, the victim will be revived and regain 100% normality.

If possible, PLEASE forward this after reading. You never know if it
may help save a life from stroke. May you be happy and well.

Pl. circulate this INFO as much as possible among your groups as we often lose our dear ones to STROKE because of lack of knowledge or lack of information….
Save  Somebody’s life…..God Bless you….


Thank you R.Vimala  Vidya, Journalist & Photographer, vimalavidya@gmail.com for this wonder lifesaving piece of info you have sent to us.

Hit them Hard

Terrorism will not die in India because we lack both the POLITICAL WILL & Iron-Spined STATESMEN at the helm of affairs to tackle it with obnoxious intensity .

When the US was attacked by OSAMA bin Laden, it did not go after the diplomatic lobby with dossiers & collation of proofs instead it went after the hunter & hunted him down from within the safe haven of Abottabad which lay well within the protected borders of its own ally, PAKISTAN. 

Among all the talks of Pakistan taking on the US, hurting global diplomacy or taking on the European lobby; Americans have never compromised when it comes to protecting its Citizens from potential terrorists or hunting them down no matter where they are or doing what it takes. The Americans are not wary of the hunting ground as long as death of its Citizens on AMERICAN SOIL is AVENGED & JUSTICE  is done. It is indeed a matter of pride for any AMERICAN that when it comes to their lives the US believes in LETHAL & not necessarily LEGAL ACTION.

However , OUR Government in the name of political diplomacy & building bilateral relations NOT ONLY refuses to act against terrorists being protected within the borders of Pakistan BUT ALSO exhibits exemplary pride while entertaining the PRESIDENT & his family from this STATE who openly shield terrorists who have waged war against INDIA.

It is understandable that “claims” made by our Ministry of Home affairs (MHA) & the GOI in respect of proofs against Hafiz Saeed, have not only been consistently jeered & mocked at by the PAKISTAN GOVERNMENT but it has also been outrightly rejected by the Courts in Pakistan who have not found it good enough to be take COGNIZANCE of.  On similar lines, it is also understandable that PAKISTAN’s main ally the US (known for their double standards when it comes to India) has also not found our “DOSSIERS (& EVIDENCES presented through them)” good enough for legal pursuance or action. Naturally the US has no compulsion to take any LETHAL action as the 26/11 happened on Indian soil, The PRIDE that marauded was that of the State of incredible INDIA and most lives lost were also those of Indians. Though it comes as a solace that the US has shown some intent (atleast could be said so) of going after the mastermind of 26/11 LEGALLY (even if not LETHALLY) by announcing a $10 million bounty on HAFIZ SAEED under its REWARD FOR JUSTICE (RFJ) scheme . The SOLACE comes primarily not on account of the announcement of bounty on this terrorist called HAFIZ SAEED but because of what we know, that US did to SADDAM HUSSEIN while dealing with him LEGALLY.

If the GOI & the MHA are not fooling the unsuspecting INDIAN with their claims & if what they have collated in those Dossiers are indeed clinching evidences against HAFIZ SAEED & the LeT , then with complete military preparedness we “must” conduct SURGICAL STRIKES on PAKISTANI SOIL  and STRIKE these venom – spitting terrorists HITTING THEM HARD & Striking them off once & for all.

If that sounds too much for the asking then the Government must entrust the RAW with the job of ELIMINATING  these Merchants of Terror protected by the State of Pakistan & its intelligence by carrying out hits inside Pakistan.

Only when examples like these are set and exhibited convincingly & decisively can TERRORISM be wiped out permanently from the face of our Motherland.  

No Bail only Jail for the Rapist

Delhi has not wrongly been named the RAPE capital of India. Incidents of rape only seem to increase with each passing day.

Very recently a mother (of a 3 year old) working as a helper at Last Chance, a pub in Sahara Mall, Gurgaon was nightmarishly not only snatched away from her brother but also raped by 7 and what many would find it the most difficult to digest is that the first one to rape her was a 14 year old Minor (from Rohtak). Imagine to what levels have our moral values depleted.

Can’t imagine what the future holds for the women in this country when the GenX in the immediate rural vicinity of Ultra-tech starlit Satellite towns like Gurgaon are driven by this kind of animal instinct & moral values.

RAPE is indeed a crime worse than death through torture because a woman attacked by a Rapist is not only harmed bodily but also brutally tortured in spirit.

The problem lies in the fact that even woman folk seem to not care about what happens to their sisters elsewhere in the city so long as it does not happen to them.

Except for this latest incident in Gurgaon the women of this country have always seemed to remain indifferent to this unpardonable evil.

More disturbing is the fact that law enforcers belong to the same creed as the law breakers.

Laws are there in the books to prevent these animals on the romp but they are seldom implemented.

However unless the woman wake up, unite & put up a strong and sustained protest this evil cannot be reduced talkless of stopping it completely.

High time we realised that The police of this country doesn’t work unless poked & pestered.

So that’s what we have to do ladies.POKE THEM, PRESSURISE THEM & PESTER THEM till all the eccentric & egocentric animals on the street are jailed and jailed for life without bail.

To seek any help in this matter do not hesitate to contact us at info.jnss@gmail.com

Jagruk Nagrik Suraksha Sangathan (JNSS) http://www.jnss.in