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Hit them Hard

Terrorism will not die in India because we lack both the POLITICAL WILL & Iron-Spined STATESMEN at the helm of affairs to tackle it with obnoxious intensity .

When the US was attacked by OSAMA bin Laden, it did not go after the diplomatic lobby with dossiers & collation of proofs instead it went after the hunter & hunted him down from within the safe haven of Abottabad which lay well within the protected borders of its own ally, PAKISTAN. 

Among all the talks of Pakistan taking on the US, hurting global diplomacy or taking on the European lobby; Americans have never compromised when it comes to protecting its Citizens from potential terrorists or hunting them down no matter where they are or doing what it takes. The Americans are not wary of the hunting ground as long as death of its Citizens on AMERICAN SOIL is AVENGED & JUSTICE  is done. It is indeed a matter of pride for any AMERICAN that when it comes to their lives the US believes in LETHAL & not necessarily LEGAL ACTION.

However , OUR Government in the name of political diplomacy & building bilateral relations NOT ONLY refuses to act against terrorists being protected within the borders of Pakistan BUT ALSO exhibits exemplary pride while entertaining the PRESIDENT & his family from this STATE who openly shield terrorists who have waged war against INDIA.

It is understandable that “claims” made by our Ministry of Home affairs (MHA) & the GOI in respect of proofs against Hafiz Saeed, have not only been consistently jeered & mocked at by the PAKISTAN GOVERNMENT but it has also been outrightly rejected by the Courts in Pakistan who have not found it good enough to be take COGNIZANCE of.  On similar lines, it is also understandable that PAKISTAN’s main ally the US (known for their double standards when it comes to India) has also not found our “DOSSIERS (& EVIDENCES presented through them)” good enough for legal pursuance or action. Naturally the US has no compulsion to take any LETHAL action as the 26/11 happened on Indian soil, The PRIDE that marauded was that of the State of incredible INDIA and most lives lost were also those of Indians. Though it comes as a solace that the US has shown some intent (atleast could be said so) of going after the mastermind of 26/11 LEGALLY (even if not LETHALLY) by announcing a $10 million bounty on HAFIZ SAEED under its REWARD FOR JUSTICE (RFJ) scheme . The SOLACE comes primarily not on account of the announcement of bounty on this terrorist called HAFIZ SAEED but because of what we know, that US did to SADDAM HUSSEIN while dealing with him LEGALLY.

If the GOI & the MHA are not fooling the unsuspecting INDIAN with their claims & if what they have collated in those Dossiers are indeed clinching evidences against HAFIZ SAEED & the LeT , then with complete military preparedness we “must” conduct SURGICAL STRIKES on PAKISTANI SOIL  and STRIKE these venom – spitting terrorists HITTING THEM HARD & Striking them off once & for all.

If that sounds too much for the asking then the Government must entrust the RAW with the job of ELIMINATING  these Merchants of Terror protected by the State of Pakistan & its intelligence by carrying out hits inside Pakistan.

Only when examples like these are set and exhibited convincingly & decisively can TERRORISM be wiped out permanently from the face of our Motherland.