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RERA or NCDRC; Where to file?

RERA or NCDRC; “Where should I file my #RealEstate case?” is a common question that bothers every #HomeBuyer.
Advocate Denson Joseph says that, “the answer is simple though it require a deft understanding of the kind of relief that one seeks and hence it differs from case to case”.
He further adds that, “if it is a matter limited to claim of possession, RERA could be the choice to make as the relief ordered might be delivered much faster than what happens at the NCDRC”.
However if the pecuniary jurisdiction of 1 Crore is satisfied and there are other ancillary reliefs that the aggrieved consumer(s) seek(s) then though the process at NCDRC is painfully slow and the (practical) litigation costs higher. “The Order delivered is worth the wait. Hence I strongly recommend to file your case in the NCDRC than with RERA”, says Denson.
Mr Denson says that, “the following questions will further help the aggrieved Consumer understand why I so vocally support action at the NCDRC than the RERA:
Q1. Who is the Chairperson in each of these forums?
A1. The RERA chairperson is an Industry expert with 20 years of professional experience WHEREAS the chairperson of NCDRC is a retired Supreme Court Judge.
Q2. Which of the two Forums restricts the aggrieved consumer from seeking other legal remedies?
A2. RERA takes an undertaking from the Complainant when he makes a complaint thereby restricting him from seeking other legal remedies which is not the case with the NCDRC where there is no such restriction and the consumer may choose to pursue both civil and criminal remedies against the concerned Builder.
Q3. To whom does the appeal lie from RERA and the NCDRC respectively?
A3. In case of RERA it lies to the REAL ESTATE APPELLATE TRIBUNAL and further on to the HIGH COURT and then finally to the SUPREME COURT
WHEREAS in the case of NCDRC it lies directly to the SUPREME COURT OF INDIA”.
The picture is now quite clear and one could not have asked for a more clearer answer regarding this question. Adv. Denson Joseph is presently leading the fight for aggrieved homebuyers against ADEL (formerly ERA) Landmarks Ltd. , ANSAL BUILDWELL Ltd. & PIVOTAL INFRASTRUCTURE to name a few. Besides he is a honorary consulting lawyer to a select Group of aggrieved #HomeBuyers suffering at the hands of PIYUSH, BPTPSRS, AMRAPALI & JAYPEEWhen it comes to practical application of law, he is a master strategist and holds a LL.B together with a Bachelors Degree in Engineering. He practices in the NCDRC, NGT, High Courts of Delhi & Chandigarh and the District Courts of Delhi, Gurgaon & Faridabad and deals in both Civil and Criminal cases. He is also a member of the Saket Bar Association and may be contacted on phone/whatsapp at his number 9650750002 or his email id which is

AntiPolythene Campaign Season-1 concluded in style

_MG_7935The #SayNoToPoltheneBag Campaign season-1 was concluded in style by the Faridabad Action Group. For pics to this grand event you may click here

During the course of this highest ever engaging Campaign in Faridabad which ran for 3 months from November 2015 to 22nd of Jan 2016 spanning the length and breadth of Faridabad, 32 schools were initially contacted and 24 schools participated engaging a total of about 25000 students and thru them almost about 3 lac people were contacted. Almost 25000 pledges were collected from the General Public. The season-1 of this Campaign was finally concluded at the HUDA Convention Centre in Sec-12, Faridabad at an event titled ‘Singhams of Faridabad’.

In the street play section 6 finalists were chosen and Gita Convent School, Sec-16 won the title of Singhams in the Streetplay section while AVN Sr. Sec. School, Sec-19 and Apeejay School, Sec-15 won the 2nd and 3rd Prizes respectively.

Ritika Rawat of St. Peter’s School, Daulatabad won the 1st Prize for the highest number of pledges collected from the general public and Bhawna Rawat won the 1st prize for the best slogan.

While K L Mehta Dayanand School, Sec-16, won the highest percentage participation award, St. John’s School, Sec-7 won the top prize for the highest number of pledges collected from the general public by any school. Rawal International School, Nangla won the prize for the most creative presentation and Apeejay School, Sec-15 won the top prize for the most organized presentation.

This event co-sponsored by Indian Oil R&D Division, Faridabad had as its Chief Guest, the Divisional Commissioner Dr. D. Suresh. The other Distinguished Guests to the event included the Deputy Commissioner Mr Chander Shekhar and Dr SSV Ramakumar, General Manager, Refining Technologies, Indian Oil R & D Division, Faridabad. Dr Ramakumar was accompanied by Mrs Mary Joseph (Manager Corporate Communications, Indian Oil R&D Division).

Denson Joseph, the President of Faridabad Action Group in his short speech said the idea behind this exercise was actually to wake people and the administration up besides to drive in the message that it is important to be socially alive and how thru positive engagement we could bring in the desired change to strengthen this democracy. To emphasize the spirit that drives the members of Faridabad Action Group he concluded his speech with the song…. ‘ e mere pyare watan… e mere bichde chaman… tujh pe dil qurbaan….’

The Chief Guest to the event Dr D. Suresh in his emphatic address began by admitting that the Administration has indeed failed to deliver on many counts and he explained why these failures have been happening. He stressed the need to rise above Caste, Creed and Regional divide if Prime Minister’s development agenda was to be achieved. He also stressed on the need for expert NGOs to focus on one subject and go intensively into it. He urged the Deputy Commissioner, Faridabad to adopt the PPP model to make Faridabad a smart city for which expert organizations like Faridabad Action Group may be strategically engaged.

The event was compered by Dr Manoj Rai Mehta and Mrs Pooja Gupta. The arrangements at the venue was managed by Mrs Shivani Rajpal, Mr Susheel Verma, Mr Balwinder Singh, Varun Sheokand, Adv Deepak Verma and Adv Pratush Sharma. The NSS Team from Govt. Boys Sr. Sec. School, Old Faridabad under the leadership of Sh Ravinder Manchanda managed and the very able girls being groomed by Sakhi Sangh managed the seating within the hall. Overall hall incharge was Sh A K Gaur (the campaign lead). Prize distribution was coordinated by Ashutosh Anand and Mrs Pinki Brar.

Varun Sheokand was bestowed with the title of Singham for exemplary activism in Faridabad.

Important persons at the meeting were Sh P B Lall (Patron- F.A.G.), Sh Manohar Puniani (President – MWA, Sec-15), Sh Anand Mehta (Eminent Educationist & Gen. Secretary- RWA, Sec-15) besides Principals and Coordinators from various schools.

The NGOs who came to support the event included Sneh Foundation, Mission Jagriti, Child Welfare Trust, Save Aravali, Sakhi Sangh, Able Charities. The Event also saw the District Bar Association being represented by its President Adv. Surinder Dutt Sharma & Secretary Rajeev Baisla. Even the RWAs and Market Welfare Associations were present in large numbers.

The Audience was enthralled by Bollywood’s celebrated Asst. Choreographer MJ Chanchal performing live at the event.


Finally Haryana heaves a sigh of electric relief

After the hike in power tariff led to protests across the state, the Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission (HERC) issued a revised tariff order on Friday reverting to the system of telescopic slabs for domestic users consuming up to 800 units of power. The levy of Fuel Adjustment Surcharge will however continue. The discoms, Uttar Haryana Bilji Vitran Nigam (UHBVN) and Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam (DHBVN), will now issue revised bills for the power consumers across the state. The consumers who have paid the bills issued as per the existing tariff be issued revised bills as per the new tariff and the refunds be adjusted in their subsequent bills. The consumers, who are yet to pay the bills issued as per the existing tariff, would also get the revised bill. The remaining consumers would be issued bills as per the new tariff and they will be allowed to pay arrears in five installments without surcharge.

Nitin Yadav, Managing Director, UHBVN said as per the new tariff structure the consumers with consumption between 101 units to 500 units would now have benefit of 50 paisa per unit for initial 150 units consuElectricity Billmption. All the consumers having monthly consumption between 500 to 800 units per month would now get the benefit of lower tariff slabs also. With the revised tariff slabs, rates would reduce between 2 to 16.43 per cent. For people consuming 501 units, the bill as per the earlier tariff would have been Rs 4,184. Following the new order it will be Rs 3,496. It is the consumers in this category who will get the most relief. For those consuming 600 units, the bill will reduce from Rs 5,029 to Rs 4,342. HERC had issued the orders for revising the power tariff on May 7. As per the order, HERC stated that for those consuming power above 500 units, the charges would be non-telescopic. Fuel Adjustment Surcharge was also added to it. For those consuming more than 500 units, the tariff amounted to Rs 8.35 per unit. This led to residents receiving inflated power bills causing protests across the state.

The review petition against the tariff order was filed by former Congress MLA Sampat Singh. A public hearing was held by the HERC following which the order was issued. As per the new order, there is no change in the tariff for up to 500 units. For those consuming 501 to 800 units, an amount of Rs 6.75 per unit would be charged. A flat rate of Rs 6.75 per unit will be charged for those consuming above 800 units.

Potholes, criminal negligence and the Road Safety Bill

“Many a times vehicles being driven even at a reasonable speed while negotiating a pothole or a bad stretch of road lose balance and cause accident, grievous hurt or loss of life. Yet the proposed draft on Road Safety Bill does not propose the punishment of municipal officers responsible for the ill-maintained road”

The experiences of many road accident victims and the examination of many a cases has exposed the following facts:-


POTHOLES exist because of criminal negligence

POTHOLES exist because of criminal negligence

(b) That Often the POLICE MANIPULATE THE FIR & SOMETIMES BLACKMAIL THE VICTIM such that the facts that come out before the world are quite different from the actual ground reality
(c) 3yr old Pavitra’s case OFFERS AN OPPORTUNITY TO EXPOSE LIVE ON AIR how the police insensitively work against the victims of road accident
(d) This debate will further BRING OUT THE RELUCTANCE OF THE POLICE IN PROSECUTING negligent officers both because of lack of WILL & knowledge

(e) That the CM WINDOW operating atleast in Faridabad is AS A JOKE on the common man
(f) That there is an urgent need to expand and elaborate Section 316 of the proposed draft where punishments should be clearly specified for various types of negligence be it of the municipal / highway engineers for non maintenance or traffic cops for not barricading unusable stretches


1)Following Manoj’s case as a NGO, we examined the draft of the Road Safety Bill and were shocked to find that the proposed draft has missed one of the most important points and that is to prescribe punishment for Engineers or Officers of the Municipal Agency responsible to maintain the roads in good condition and keep it POTHOLE FREE.

2)Many a times vehicles being driven even at a reasonable speed while negotiating a pothole or a bad stretch of road lose balance and cause accident, grievous hurt or loss of life. In such cases too in our country instead of punishing the officers responsible for the ill-maintained road, it is often the Vehicle driver who gets punished for negligence.

3)Here’s the link to 3yr old Pavitra’s unfortunate story about how this angel lost his life because of a pothole on the National Highway at Batamod, Faridabad.

4)The progress of the campaign #Justice4Pavitra is available on our page JNSS.IN

5)Our campaign #Justice4Pavitra shared the story over the social media, got the public to send dozens of mailers to the Commissioner of Police, Faridabad, interacted with the Police at the highest level in the district, was aired on radio manav rachna 107.8, offered case studies & legal advice to the Police, organized a very successful CANDLE MARCH and is now backed by most NGOs in Faridabad.

The proposed road ahead:                                                                                                                    Considering the fact that the roads that we or our dear ones travel on for work, play or study ought to be made safer, we have decided to do the following:                                               1.Organize an early debate or discussion on anyone of the leading TV channels to expose the shortcomings that particularly surfaced in Pavitra’s case                                                                 2.Approach as many Members of Parliament through one to one meetings, letters, social media and through various discussion forums to get them to ensure that the road safety bill is tabled at the earliest as also the provisions of Section 316 are elaborated as already suggested           3.To bring together as many road accident victims as possible to share and understand the challenges they faced in their respective cases and to incorporate (if possible) the resolutions suggested in the proposed road safety bill                                                                                             4.To form a dedicated community (if possible) that would not only understand how the proposed law translates in spirit and practice but also ensures its effective implementation

Whether you are a road accident victim awaiting justice or you want to support this initiative to ensure safer roads for yourself and your dear ones, we invite you to call us at 888-201-0002 or write to us

Crime Prevention tips for Senior Citizens

Crime prevention is everybody’s business! It’s not just a job for law enforcement.

Common-sense measures – like locking a door, joining a Neighborhood Watch,

going to the bank with a friend – can help prevent crime.

Many older men and women fear crime even though, statistically, their risk of being

victimized is low. Seniors are more vulnerable to certain crimes – purse snatching,

mugging, and fraud. But, you can reduce the opportunities for criminals to strike

by being careful, alert and a good neighbour.

 Here are some common sense tips you can use to stay safe:

When Driving:

  • Always lock your car doors. Never leave keys in the ignition when you leave the car, even for a few minutes. 
  • When you drive, keep the doors locked and windows up. Park in well-lighted busy areas.
  • Don’t leave packages or other tempting articles in view in a locked car. Lock them in the trunk.
  • Never, never pick up hitchhikers.
  • If you have car problems, be especially wary of strangers who offer help. Stay in the car and ask them to call a service truck and law enforcement.

On the Bus or Trolley:

  • Use busy, well lighted stops.
  • Don’t fall asleep. Stay alert!
  • Watch who gets on or off the bus or trolley with you. If you feel uneasy, walk directly to a place where there are other people.
  • When using the bus or other public transportation, sit near the drive if possible.

When You Are at Home:

  • Use deadbolt locks on all exterior doors. Keep your doors locked at all times, even when you are inside.
  • Protect windows and sliding glass doors with good locks or other security devices.
  • Never let strangers in your home without checking their identification. Call their company if you are not sure. Install a viewer in your door and use it.
  • Use only your first initial in phone books, directories, and apartment lobbies. If you live alone, don’t advertise it.
  • Be sensible about keys. Don’t put an address tag on your key ring, and don’t hide and extra key under a doormat or flower pot.
  • Hang up immediately on harassing or obscene phone calls. If the caller persists, call law enforcement and the phone company.
  • Engrave your valuables with a unique identification number recommended by the Crime Prevention Unit.
  • Keep bonds, stock certificates, seldom worn jewelry, and stamp and coin collections in a safe deposit box.
  • For an extra measure of protection, don’t keep large amounts of cash at home.
  • Use Direct Deposit for Social Security or pension checks.
  • Keep emergency numbers for police and fire agencies handy.

Out and About:

  • Go with a friend whenever possible.
  • Stay alert and tuned into your surroundings. Don’t daydream.
  • Try to walk in a confident, relaxed manner. Make brief eye contact with approaching strangers.
  • Trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable in a place or situation, leave.
  • Try carrying a small change purse with only the money or credit cards that you need, instead of a large handbag with straps. Keep your wallet in an inside jacket or front pants pocket.
  • Don’t burden yourself with packages.
  • Walk on well-lighted busy streets. Stay away from vacant lots, alleys, or construction sites.

Avoid dark deserted routes, even if they are the shortest.

  • Don’t flash cash and other tempting targets such as expensive jewelry.
  • Make sure someone knows where you’re going and when you expect to return.
  • Carry change for emergency telephone and transportation use.
  • If a friend or a taxi takes you home, ask the driver to wait until you are safely inside.
  • Have your car or house key in hand as you approach your vehicle or home.


. Be suspicious of anyone who offers you a chance for quick and easy wealth

.Be wary of exaggerated claims for health and medical products, such as cures for cancer or arthritis, hair restorers, quick weight loss. Before buying any cure-alls, check with your doctor, pharmacist, or clinic.

. Don’t give any details about your credit cards to phone solicitors even if they offer you gifts, a free vacation, or a sweepstakes prize.

. Check out any “work-at-home” schemes with your local or state consumer protection agency.

. Don’t give credit cards, cheque books, or savings account passbooks to your housekeeper or caretaker. Don’t make an employee a joint owner of your bank account or your property.6. Never make cash transactions in secret. Discuss any large transaction with your banker.

What to Do if You Are Assaulted

  • If the attacker is only after your purse of other valuables, don’t resist. Your life and safety are worth more than your possessions. 
  • Ma00000000000000000MakeeeeeContact the police, dial one zero zero  
  • Call up your local NGO to help you deal with the trauma that all crime victims experience. They can help you learn more about counselling, victim compensation laws and how to follow your case’s progress.
  • Be more socially active and if possible start a crime prevention program in your neighbourhood in association with organizations like JAGRUK NAGRIK SURAKSHA SANGATHAN (JNSS)

    Need help ? Call us or write into

    Please call us at 9650-76-0002 or 9650-75-0002

Please call us at 9650-76-0002 or 9650-75-0002

No Bail only Jail for the Rapist

Delhi has not wrongly been named the RAPE capital of India. Incidents of rape only seem to increase with each passing day.

Very recently a mother (of a 3 year old) working as a helper at Last Chance, a pub in Sahara Mall, Gurgaon was nightmarishly not only snatched away from her brother but also raped by 7 and what many would find it the most difficult to digest is that the first one to rape her was a 14 year old Minor (from Rohtak). Imagine to what levels have our moral values depleted.

Can’t imagine what the future holds for the women in this country when the GenX in the immediate rural vicinity of Ultra-tech starlit Satellite towns like Gurgaon are driven by this kind of animal instinct & moral values.

RAPE is indeed a crime worse than death through torture because a woman attacked by a Rapist is not only harmed bodily but also brutally tortured in spirit.

The problem lies in the fact that even woman folk seem to not care about what happens to their sisters elsewhere in the city so long as it does not happen to them.

Except for this latest incident in Gurgaon the women of this country have always seemed to remain indifferent to this unpardonable evil.

More disturbing is the fact that law enforcers belong to the same creed as the law breakers.

Laws are there in the books to prevent these animals on the romp but they are seldom implemented.

However unless the woman wake up, unite & put up a strong and sustained protest this evil cannot be reduced talkless of stopping it completely.

High time we realised that The police of this country doesn’t work unless poked & pestered.

So that’s what we have to do ladies.POKE THEM, PRESSURISE THEM & PESTER THEM till all the eccentric & egocentric animals on the street are jailed and jailed for life without bail.

To seek any help in this matter do not hesitate to contact us at

Jagruk Nagrik Suraksha Sangathan (JNSS)