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The Anti-Polythene Inter-School Contest in Faridabad

LogoFriends, Faridabad Action Group is pleased to announce a unique contest for school-going children in Faridabad such that children of our district can, not only win prizes but in doing so get an opportunity to improve the world around them and help make it safer for them to live in. Besides it will be a novel way of getting them to contribute towards the mission of getting Faridabad counted or considered among the first 20 to be developed into a SMART CITY.

Polythene Bags have become one of the biggest environmental hazards for the future of our children and through this contest every participant child shall don the mantle of being the Brand Ambassador for the #AntiPolytheneschool childrenCampaign which is now very popular across the globe.

The name of the winners will also be tweeted to our Haryana CM Sh M L Khattar & our PM Sh. Narendra Modi ji with a tagline that we are proud of these changemakers whose contribution to make Faridabad a SMART CITY are worth a consideration.

About the Contest:
A. Children of classes 6th to the 8th of all schools are required to participate in the OPEN /JUNIOR CATEGORY wherein the contest requires each participant to just do 2 things:

1.Collect a individually handwritten Pledge from as many people as possible pledging as follows:

“In the name of my child I pledge that I will not take or give anything to anyone in a polythene bag and I will carry my own paper, cloth or Jute Bag to the market to buy my stuff from today onwards”.

Please note:

a)At the bottom of the pledge the person must indicate his/her  name, address, phone no and email (if any)

b)The child needs to pack all the pledges in an envelope of a suitable size and on the back of the envelope… write a slogan….

  1. The single line slogan will say… ‘I support the #AntiPolytheneCampaign b’coz …………………’


a.Each pledge should carry the name of the person pledging, his business/work and his phone number & email id (if any).

b.All these pledges should be put in an envelope and sent (by post or in person) to our address:

Faridabad Action Group, H.NO. 1166, Sector-15, Faridabad – 121007 …. OR

SUBMIT IT WITH THE SCHOOL COORDINATOR who can then send it all together IN A CARTON to our office address above.

c.DO NOT FORGET – At the back of the envelope please remember to inscribe the following:

  1. i) total number of pledges inside

ii)your email and twitter id (if any)

iii)your full name and contact number (no landline only mobile numbers please)

iv)the slogan

Result Criteria (Junior category):

1.The top 25 children with the best slogans will be rewarded with a nomination to attend the award ceremony with their parents, a certificate, a momento and considered for selection into first 3 ranks. These 25 children will then be graded by our panel according to the number and quality of pledges collected by each from residents in the neighbourhood, shopkeepers in the area/nearby market, family & friends. Anything that is innovative in this initiative will be rewarded.

2.The top 3 thus selected will be awarded in the school category as a certificate, a momento  and conferred the title ‘Singhams of Faridabad’ (Cash prizes for the first three are also being considered)

3.There is an Award in this category for the School (Coordinator) fielding the highest percentage of children from their school.


B. The second is the SENIOR CATEGORY also called the INTER-SCHOOL CATEGORY.

The contest in this category is a street-play (Nukkad-Natak) competition wherein each school has to prepare a street-play (not more than 10mins.) on the Anti-polythene theme (i.e. why plastic bags are hazardous to both us and our environment, what needs to be done urgently to save the environment, what is the responsibility of the citizen, what excuses are offered by the citizen or shopkeepers, why these excuses are pointless, what the administration needs to do about it ).

1.The participating school has to field a team comprising of not more than 20 students (and not less than 8) students from classes 9th & 10th.

  1. Once the school is ready with the Play, the school committee/management has to call us and inform us about their preparedness.
  1. The Play has then to be presented before the whole school at the time of the assembly in our presence, the same has to be recorded and a copy of the video has to be given to us on a pendrive for purposes of a fair judging on a level platform.

Result Criteria (senior category):

(i) The top 5 teams will be rewarded with a nomination to attend the award ceremony with their parents, a certificate, a momento and considered for selection into first 3 ranks

(ii) Our team of judges after a thru scrutiny of the video of all the street plays will choose the top 3 school teams from among the five nominated teams and the teams thus selected will not only be awarded in the inter-school category as the ‘Singhams of Faridabad – 2015‘ besides individual certificates and momentos.

(iii) The top two teams will get an opportunity to display their award winning street play before the invitees to the award ceremony and

(iv) The school Principal will also receive a trophy on behalf of the school.

For any further queries on this please free to call us at : 8882010002

Awards will be distributed in a grand programme titled ‘Singhams of Faridabad’ to be announced soon.


Ample SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES exist for reputed Corporate Brands and Companies

                          For any further queries please feel free to call us on 888-201-0002


Please Note: Faridabad Action Group reserves the right to bring about any change in the format or date of the programme as a whole with or without notice.