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Time to overthrow the nonperforming MLA

Appeal for 2014 1

Friends, why have we gotten used to tolerating bad roads, overflowing sewers, stray cattle & dogs, unsafe streets, unresponsive administration, pathetic policing  and bad governance? When will we stop writing enough is enough and actually exhibit it in character. Let us be clear that the character of the political bosses is reflected through their subordinates in the Police, the Municipal (Nigam) Corporation & various other Government offices in your district.

If you have had to bear the brunt of bad roads, bad policing and a stupid administration. Have no second thoughts, your local Councillor & your local MLA is responsible for this sorry state of affairs in your locality. DO I NEED TO TELL YOU THAT IT IS HIGH TIME YOU VOTED THESE NON-PERFORMERS OUT & REPLACED THEM WITH MORE RESPONSIBLE ONES.

Ready to take up responsibility in your area ? Just fill up the contact form & shoot it back.  Jai Hind!