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Modi and Rajapaksa flip sides of the same coin

In the backdrop of the soon to be hosted CHOGM 2013 in Sri Lanka there is a tremendous pressure on India to not only denounce the crime against humanity unleashed by the present Srilankan regime under Mahinda Rajapaksa but also expose the truth behind the chilling war crimes committed by Rajapaksa while eliminating LTTE from Srilankan soil; thus strongly oppose Srilanka from becoming “chair in office” for the next two years.

India however may never be able to do that as our own history may not allow us to do so particularly when our Prime Minister in waiting has himself been battling charges of mass murder in Godhra for the last 10 years or so.

Interestingly both Modi and Rajapaksa have striking similarities and it would be interesting to consider just the prominent once here where both are considered to be iron willed and both of them are accused of Crime against humanity if one in Gujarat then the other one Srilanka respectively. Both leaders practise an authoritarian style of governance and both claim to be ardent practitioners of democracy. If Modi hides his guilt behind anti-pseudosecularism Rajapaksa hides his own behind the veil of anti-imperialism. While both confess to be staunch nationalists a large majority of critics continue to dig their gory past. Yet both are masters of the dirty game called politics where on one hand Modi is going all out to grab the PM chair here in India, Rajapaksa is trying his best to grab the Chair of Commonwealth there in Srilanka. Certainly it is in the hands of the respective voters to accept or reject the democratically dictatorial claimants. Whatever happens history is sure to be made and yes, it will be there for everyone to see.