Crime Prevention tips for Senior Citizens

Crime prevention is everybody’s business! It’s not just a job for law enforcement.

Common-sense measures – like locking a door, joining a Neighborhood Watch,

going to the bank with a friend – can help prevent crime.

Many older men and women fear crime even though, statistically, their risk of being

victimized is low. Seniors are more vulnerable to certain crimes – purse snatching,

mugging, and fraud. But, you can reduce the opportunities for criminals to strike

by being careful, alert and a good neighbour.

 Here are some common sense tips you can use to stay safe:

When Driving:

  • Always lock your car doors. Never leave keys in the ignition when you leave the car, even for a few minutes. 
  • When you drive, keep the doors locked and windows up. Park in well-lighted busy areas.
  • Don’t leave packages or other tempting articles in view in a locked car. Lock them in the trunk.
  • Never, never pick up hitchhikers.
  • If you have car problems, be especially wary of strangers who offer help. Stay in the car and ask them to call a service truck and law enforcement.

On the Bus or Trolley:

  • Use busy, well lighted stops.
  • Don’t fall asleep. Stay alert!
  • Watch who gets on or off the bus or trolley with you. If you feel uneasy, walk directly to a place where there are other people.
  • When using the bus or other public transportation, sit near the drive if possible.

When You Are at Home:

  • Use deadbolt locks on all exterior doors. Keep your doors locked at all times, even when you are inside.
  • Protect windows and sliding glass doors with good locks or other security devices.
  • Never let strangers in your home without checking their identification. Call their company if you are not sure. Install a viewer in your door and use it.
  • Use only your first initial in phone books, directories, and apartment lobbies. If you live alone, don’t advertise it.
  • Be sensible about keys. Don’t put an address tag on your key ring, and don’t hide and extra key under a doormat or flower pot.
  • Hang up immediately on harassing or obscene phone calls. If the caller persists, call law enforcement and the phone company.
  • Engrave your valuables with a unique identification number recommended by the Crime Prevention Unit.
  • Keep bonds, stock certificates, seldom worn jewelry, and stamp and coin collections in a safe deposit box.
  • For an extra measure of protection, don’t keep large amounts of cash at home.
  • Use Direct Deposit for Social Security or pension checks.
  • Keep emergency numbers for police and fire agencies handy.

Out and About:

  • Go with a friend whenever possible.
  • Stay alert and tuned into your surroundings. Don’t daydream.
  • Try to walk in a confident, relaxed manner. Make brief eye contact with approaching strangers.
  • Trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable in a place or situation, leave.
  • Try carrying a small change purse with only the money or credit cards that you need, instead of a large handbag with straps. Keep your wallet in an inside jacket or front pants pocket.
  • Don’t burden yourself with packages.
  • Walk on well-lighted busy streets. Stay away from vacant lots, alleys, or construction sites.

Avoid dark deserted routes, even if they are the shortest.

  • Don’t flash cash and other tempting targets such as expensive jewelry.
  • Make sure someone knows where you’re going and when you expect to return.
  • Carry change for emergency telephone and transportation use.
  • If a friend or a taxi takes you home, ask the driver to wait until you are safely inside.
  • Have your car or house key in hand as you approach your vehicle or home.


. Be suspicious of anyone who offers you a chance for quick and easy wealth

.Be wary of exaggerated claims for health and medical products, such as cures for cancer or arthritis, hair restorers, quick weight loss. Before buying any cure-alls, check with your doctor, pharmacist, or clinic.

. Don’t give any details about your credit cards to phone solicitors even if they offer you gifts, a free vacation, or a sweepstakes prize.

. Check out any “work-at-home” schemes with your local or state consumer protection agency.

. Don’t give credit cards, cheque books, or savings account passbooks to your housekeeper or caretaker. Don’t make an employee a joint owner of your bank account or your property.6. Never make cash transactions in secret. Discuss any large transaction with your banker.

What to Do if You Are Assaulted

  • If the attacker is only after your purse of other valuables, don’t resist. Your life and safety are worth more than your possessions. 
  • Ma00000000000000000MakeeeeeContact the police, dial one zero zero  
  • Call up your local NGO to help you deal with the trauma that all crime victims experience. They can help you learn more about counselling, victim compensation laws and how to follow your case’s progress.
  • Be more socially active and if possible start a crime prevention program in your neighbourhood in association with organizations like JAGRUK NAGRIK SURAKSHA SANGATHAN (JNSS)

    Need help ? Call us or write into

    Please call us at 9650-76-0002 or 9650-75-0002

Please call us at 9650-76-0002 or 9650-75-0002


Friends what we have in Faridabad District today is largely an unresponsive, ill-working, corruption optimized and an extortionist mess of a pathetic civic system. Roads that are a nightmare to tread upon, unattended open garbage dumps, un-silted overflowing sewers, ill-maintained and un-kept green belts, half-finished cemented roads in patches, non-working and non-responsive grievance redressal MCF portal, soaring electricity bills, Electricity meters that go wrong almost every year, irregular electricity supply, irregular or even no water supply in select areas, pathetic Government schools with no toilets talkless of the teaching quality or faculty, are nothing but just a few messed up civic issues that one has to face here in this district.

The silently suffering Faridabadi is always on the receiving end and the least concerned MCF & DHBVN officers and the good for nothing Councillors & the opportunist photo op crazy MLAs continue to oppress & extort the citizens here. They are able to have their way because we the Citizens of Faridabad are the most patient and the least reactive. The good part though is that some of us have started voicing their concerns here atleast on the web but TO TRANSLATE OUR CONCERNS INTO REALTIME REFORMS WE NEED TO BECOME INTOLERANT & aggressively protest the mess out there. We need to start by telling our respective Councillor & the concerned MLA that they are responsible for this mess out there and that they should get it corrected within whatever time you deem is right for you.

It is high time that we organize ourselves and confront them with facts through repetitive meetings, regular follow ups and if need be through an open press conference, let us SHAME THEM and tell them that if they want our vote, they must get the records straight and get the work done. I therefore invite all the concerned Faridabadi(te)s here, WHO CAN VOLUNTEER TO ACTIVELY WORK (both online & offline, out of their own pockets) towards eliminating the ills plaguing Faridabad to come together and put up a united fight to end this mess permanently. Be the first one to join the FARIDABAD ACTION GROUP

Modi and Rajapaksa flip sides of the same coin

In the backdrop of the soon to be hosted CHOGM 2013 in Sri Lanka there is a tremendous pressure on India to not only denounce the crime against humanity unleashed by the present Srilankan regime under Mahinda Rajapaksa but also expose the truth behind the chilling war crimes committed by Rajapaksa while eliminating LTTE from Srilankan soil; thus strongly oppose Srilanka from becoming “chair in office” for the next two years.

India however may never be able to do that as our own history may not allow us to do so particularly when our Prime Minister in waiting has himself been battling charges of mass murder in Godhra for the last 10 years or so.

Interestingly both Modi and Rajapaksa have striking similarities and it would be interesting to consider just the prominent once here where both are considered to be iron willed and both of them are accused of Crime against humanity if one in Gujarat then the other one Srilanka respectively. Both leaders practise an authoritarian style of governance and both claim to be ardent practitioners of democracy. If Modi hides his guilt behind anti-pseudosecularism Rajapaksa hides his own behind the veil of anti-imperialism. While both confess to be staunch nationalists a large majority of critics continue to dig their gory past. Yet both are masters of the dirty game called politics where on one hand Modi is going all out to grab the PM chair here in India, Rajapaksa is trying his best to grab the Chair of Commonwealth there in Srilanka. Certainly it is in the hands of the respective voters to accept or reject the democratically dictatorial claimants. Whatever happens history is sure to be made and yes, it will be there for everyone to see.     

Time to overthrow the nonperforming MLA

Appeal for 2014 1

Friends, why have we gotten used to tolerating bad roads, overflowing sewers, stray cattle & dogs, unsafe streets, unresponsive administration, pathetic policing  and bad governance? When will we stop writing enough is enough and actually exhibit it in character. Let us be clear that the character of the political bosses is reflected through their subordinates in the Police, the Municipal (Nigam) Corporation & various other Government offices in your district.

If you have had to bear the brunt of bad roads, bad policing and a stupid administration. Have no second thoughts, your local Councillor & your local MLA is responsible for this sorry state of affairs in your locality. DO I NEED TO TELL YOU THAT IT IS HIGH TIME YOU VOTED THESE NON-PERFORMERS OUT & REPLACED THEM WITH MORE RESPONSIBLE ONES.

Ready to take up responsibility in your area ? Just fill up the contact form & shoot it back.  Jai Hind!

A Needle May Save The Life of a Stroke Patient

Keep a syringe or needle in your home to do this… It’s amazing and
an unconventional way of recovering from stroke, read it through it
can help somebody one day.
This is amazing. Please keep this very handy. Excellent tips. Do take
a minute to read this. You’ll never know, one’s life may depend on
My father was paralyzed and later died from the result of a stroke. I
wish I knew about this first aid before. When stroke strikes, the
capillaries in the brain will gradually burst.” (Irene Liu)
When a stroke occurs, stay calm. No matter where the victim is, do not
move him/her. Because, if moved, the capillaries will burst. Help the
victim to sit up where he/she is to prevent him/her from falling over
again and then the bloodletting can begin. If you have in your home an
injection syringe that would be the best.
Otherwise, a sewing needle or a straight pin will do.
1. Place the needle/pin over fire to sterilize it and then use it to
prick the tip of all 10 fingers.
2. There are no specific acupuncture points, just prick about an mm
from the fingernail.
3. Prick till blood comes out.
4. If blood does not start to drip, then squeeze with your fingers.
5. When all 10 digits is bleeding, wait a few minutes then the victim
will regain consciousness.
6. If the victim’s mouth is crooked, then pull on his ears until they are red.
7. Then prick each earlobe twice until two drops of blood comes from
each earlobe. After a few minutes the victim should regain
Wait till the victim regain his normal state without any abnormal
symptoms then take him to the hospital. Otherwise, if he was taken in
the ambulance in a hurry to the hospital, the bumpy trip will cause
all the capillaries in his brain to burst. If he could save his life,
barely managing to walk, then it is by the grace of his ancestors.

“I learned about letting blood to save life from Chinese traditional
doctor, Ha Bu Ting, who lives in Sun Juke. Furthermore, I had
practical experience with it. Therefore, I can say this method is 100%
effective. In 1979, I was teaching in Fung Gaap College in Tai Chung.
One afternoon, I was teaching a class when another teacher came
running to my classroom and said in panting, “Ms Liu, come quick, our
supervisor has had a stroke!”

I immediately went to the 3rd floor. When I saw our supervisor, Mr.
Chen Fu Tien, his color was off, his speech was slurred, his mouth was
crooked – all the symptoms of a stroke. I immediately asked one of the
practicum students to go to the pharmacy outside the school to buy a
syringe, which I used to prick Mr. Chen’s 10 fingers tips. When all 10
fingers were bleeding (each with a pea sized drop of blood), after a
few minutes, Mr. Chen’s face regained its color and his eyes’ spirit
returned, too.

But his mouth was still crooked. So I pulled on his
ears to fill them with blood. When his ears became red, I pricked his
right earlobe twice to let out two drops of blood. When both earlobes
had two drops of blood each, a miracle happened. Within 3-5 minutes
the shape of his mouth returned to normal and his speech became clear.

We let him rest for a while and have a cup of hot tea, then we helped
him go down the stairs, drove him to Wei Wah Hospital. He rested
one night and was released the next day to return to school to teach.
Everything worked normally. There were no ill after effects. On the
other hand, the usual stroke victim usually suffers irreparable
bursting of the brain capillaries on the way to the hospital. As a
result, these victims never recover.” (Irene Liu)

Therefore, stroke is the second cause of death. The lucky ones will
stay alive but can remain paralyzed for life. It is such a horrible
thing to happen in one’s life. If we can all remember this
bloodletting method and start the life saving process immediately, in
a short time, the victim will be revived and regain 100% normality.

If possible, PLEASE forward this after reading. You never know if it
may help save a life from stroke. May you be happy and well.

Pl. circulate this INFO as much as possible among your groups as we often lose our dear ones to STROKE because of lack of knowledge or lack of information….
Save  Somebody’s life…..God Bless you….


Thank you R.Vimala  Vidya, Journalist & Photographer, for this wonder lifesaving piece of info you have sent to us.