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Mission kashmir

Yes, we believe so and strongly support the stand. However we suggest the following to PMO India Narendra Modi ji that now before agreeing to any new talks the following minimum conditions should be complied with: (1) Since US is keen that the talks should be resumed tell Barack Obama that before initiating any further talks that they must take out the terrorist behind 26/11 ‪#‎HafizSaeed‬ just the way they took out ‪#‎Osamabinladen‬ (2) Pakistan must start with the bottomline that ‪#‎Kashmir‬ is & will remain an integral part of India (3) If there are a set of “separatists” or those who say that they are not Indians and want to go with Pakistan, India and ‪#‎Pakistan’s ‬Nawaz Sharif government must agree to rehabilitate such families/people in the ‘PAK-occupied-KASHMIR’ (PoK) or elsewhere in Pakistan and India should financially compensate such a migration. When we can give aid to Afghanistan, Bhutan & Nepal, why not also compensate those who have lived within our borders for a permanent solution to the ‪#‎Kashmirissue‬ ?


Friends what we have in Faridabad District today is largely an unresponsive, ill-working, corruption optimized and an extortionist mess of a pathetic civic system. Roads that are a nightmare to tread upon, unattended open garbage dumps, un-silted overflowing sewers, ill-maintained and un-kept green belts, half-finished cemented roads in patches, non-working and non-responsive grievance redressal MCF portal, soaring electricity bills, Electricity meters that go wrong almost every year, irregular electricity supply, irregular or even no water supply in select areas, pathetic Government schools with no toilets talkless of the teaching quality or faculty, are nothing but just a few messed up civic issues that one has to face here in this district.

The silently suffering Faridabadi is always on the receiving end and the least concerned MCF & DHBVN officers and the good for nothing Councillors & the opportunist photo op crazy MLAs continue to oppress & extort the citizens here. They are able to have their way because we the Citizens of Faridabad are the most patient and the least reactive. The good part though is that some of us have started voicing their concerns here atleast on the web but TO TRANSLATE OUR CONCERNS INTO REALTIME REFORMS WE NEED TO BECOME INTOLERANT & aggressively protest the mess out there. We need to start by telling our respective Councillor & the concerned MLA that they are responsible for this mess out there and that they should get it corrected within whatever time you deem is right for you.

It is high time that we organize ourselves and confront them with facts through repetitive meetings, regular follow ups and if need be through an open press conference, let us SHAME THEM and tell them that if they want our vote, they must get the records straight and get the work done. I therefore invite all the concerned Faridabadi(te)s here, WHO CAN VOLUNTEER TO ACTIVELY WORK (both online & offline, out of their own pockets) towards eliminating the ills plaguing Faridabad to come together and put up a united fight to end this mess permanently. Be the first one to join the FARIDABAD ACTION GROUP

Modi and Rajapaksa flip sides of the same coin

In the backdrop of the soon to be hosted CHOGM 2013 in Sri Lanka there is a tremendous pressure on India to not only denounce the crime against humanity unleashed by the present Srilankan regime under Mahinda Rajapaksa but also expose the truth behind the chilling war crimes committed by Rajapaksa while eliminating LTTE from Srilankan soil; thus strongly oppose Srilanka from becoming “chair in office” for the next two years.

India however may never be able to do that as our own history may not allow us to do so particularly when our Prime Minister in waiting has himself been battling charges of mass murder in Godhra for the last 10 years or so.

Interestingly both Modi and Rajapaksa have striking similarities and it would be interesting to consider just the prominent once here where both are considered to be iron willed and both of them are accused of Crime against humanity if one in Gujarat then the other one Srilanka respectively. Both leaders practise an authoritarian style of governance and both claim to be ardent practitioners of democracy. If Modi hides his guilt behind anti-pseudosecularism Rajapaksa hides his own behind the veil of anti-imperialism. While both confess to be staunch nationalists a large majority of critics continue to dig their gory past. Yet both are masters of the dirty game called politics where on one hand Modi is going all out to grab the PM chair here in India, Rajapaksa is trying his best to grab the Chair of Commonwealth there in Srilanka. Certainly it is in the hands of the respective voters to accept or reject the democratically dictatorial claimants. Whatever happens history is sure to be made and yes, it will be there for everyone to see.     

Time to overthrow the nonperforming MLA

Appeal for 2014 1

Friends, why have we gotten used to tolerating bad roads, overflowing sewers, stray cattle & dogs, unsafe streets, unresponsive administration, pathetic policing  and bad governance? When will we stop writing enough is enough and actually exhibit it in character. Let us be clear that the character of the political bosses is reflected through their subordinates in the Police, the Municipal (Nigam) Corporation & various other Government offices in your district.

If you have had to bear the brunt of bad roads, bad policing and a stupid administration. Have no second thoughts, your local Councillor & your local MLA is responsible for this sorry state of affairs in your locality. DO I NEED TO TELL YOU THAT IT IS HIGH TIME YOU VOTED THESE NON-PERFORMERS OUT & REPLACED THEM WITH MORE RESPONSIBLE ONES.

Ready to take up responsibility in your area ? Just fill up the contact form & shoot it back.  Jai Hind!

Dawn of Change in Uttar Pradesh

Akhilesh the modern day transition of the erstwhile goon infested Samajwadi Party takes over as the new Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh amidst, chaos, confusion & uncertainty. Yet it has to be admitted that loads of hope & prayers would go in as the youngest CM of UP is sworn in on the 15th of March. Hopefully it is that dawn of change that the Midas touch woman Mayawati (former CM) failed to deliver.